Bryan Sartin

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Bryan Sartin
Executive Director-Global Security Services


Bryan Sartin is Managing Director of the Verizon RISK Team, the reactive end of Verizon Enterprise Solutions, responsible for handling incidents of a civil and criminal nature for entities both on and off Verizon’s network – as well as cyber intelligence functions. Intelligence artifacts are collected and processed from global cyber investigations, from across Verizon’s assets, and through 3rd party intelligence sharing arrangements to produce actionable security knowledge. This assists in the defense of the Verizon brand, drives solution innovation, and helps keep customers out of the headlines as the next victim of cyber attacks. The RISK Team has staff in 19 countries and operates Lab facilities in 6.

Sartin has been in the security industry for almost 20 years, supporting both commercial enterprises and government agencies. He has testified in Congress on cyber threats
against the US financial system, has patents filed for cloud-based incident detection and network risk-scoring technologies, and is a licensed Investigations Company Manager and Private Investigator. Mr. Sartin has been published on a number of security related topics and has courtroom testimony experience as both expert and fact witness.