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Amjed Saffarini is founder and CEO of CyberVista, a Graham Holdings company (formerly known as The Washington Post Co – NYSE: GHC). CyberVista uses learning and behavioral sciences to transform how large company boards and executives govern and manage cybersecurity in their organizations. In addition to these literacy programs and tools, CyberVista’s training division prepares cyber practitioners through security certification prep and continuing education offerings.

Prior to CyberVista, Amjed was President at Kaplan, Graham Holdings’ education and training unit, in charge of the University Innovations Group, which brings the best of cutting edge student learning, retention, marketing and engagement solutions to top traditional universities and enables their academic programs online.

Amjed started his career as an SAT instructor while still a high school senior, and throughout the last 20 years has led teams at Kaplan in brand management and marketing, product development, instructional pedagogy, curricular products and assets, and online technology platforms.

Amjed’s professional focus areas include learning interventions systems and Human Computer Interfaces. He has a BS in Cell Biology and Neuroscience from Rutgers University, and lives in the New York City area with his wife and three children.


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