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CyberSecurity Forum at 2017 CES®

Exploring the Imperative for More Secure Devices and Strategies

Each year at CES, we see hundreds of new product launches, but how many of them tout security in their list of new features? Unfortunately, not enough.

Dan Tynan, Emcee of the 2017 CyberSecurity Forum

On January 5th, in the Venetian Conference Center more than 300 concerned attendees gathered to hear the latest news, trends, and thought leaders about the increasing urgency to create secure environments. Hosted by CyberVista, a cybersecurity training and education company and the newest venture in the Graham Holdings Company family of businesses, the day long event was emceed by long time journalist, Dan Tynan. The Forum brought security experts, technology visionaries, business executives and policymakers together to tackle current and looming cyber security challenges.

Why the Urgency? Why CES?

Fueled by the proliferation IoT devices, mobile communications, social media, connected cars, new payment systems, VR and AR, and wearables ,we’ve seen an uptick both in the frequency and the ferocity of attacks on our personal and corporate data. It was a year when everyone from the DNC and political candidates, to Yahoo, to NetFlix and social media became targets for exploits.

The current environment demands go far beyond the simple passwords and anti-virus protection of yesterday. Cyber-crimes are costing CEOs their jobs, consumers their identities, governments their secrets, and companies their customers. Cybersecurity is now everybody’s business.


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CyberSecurity IQ Test: What’s Your Number

Could you pass the CyberSecurity IQ test? Here’s a bit of a tongue and cheek look at what we don’t know about security threats.
View >>

Battening Down the Hatches: Data and Devices

New troubles need new solutions. CEOs from Yubico and Authenic8 explained strategies using end-point protection, browser safety, and app protection, and showcased a few of the emerging tools in the new landscape.

Securing End Users

Dell Data Security’s Vice President Brett Hansen explains how an organization can keep a strong security stance by bolstering its weakest link: the end user. Brett shared how attackers are constantly evolving, what the biggest threats are for 2017, and how to avoid them.
Brett Hanson, Dell

Security Hygiene is Like High Tech Flossing

Everyone says they do it, but the fact is that many basic principles and simple security measures like complex passwords and dual authentication are basically ignored, not just by users, but by companies as a whole. SearchSecurity.com Editor Robert Wright, talked to representatives from Symantec, CTA, and AT&T to tease out the issues.

What’s Holding Up Cybersecurity Progress?

With Tim Bajarin moderating, BIOMIO’s CEO Dan Itkis and Shape Security’s CTO Shuman Ghosemajumder looked at the obstacles to adoption including budget, lack of a security culture, and basic unawareness.

Inside a Cyber Attack

What happens inside a company when there’s a major cyberattack is the stuff that movies are made of. CyberVista Chief Cyberstrategy Officer Simone Petrella and SSP Blue CEO Hemanshu Nigam walked us through a day in the life of a cyber incident from multiple corporate perspectives. From legal ramifications, to marketing, sales, and public relations, each tentacle of a company has its own defenses. Competing interests are clearly an issue and data shows many companies are more concerned about brand than data security. View >>

Evolving Threats in a Connected World

Door locks, webcams and thermostats, and the mainstay of IoT, were not engineered with cybersecurity as a top priority. Everything from alarm systems to automobiles can be hacked. Anshel Sag of Moor Insights and Strategy, along with panelists from RSA, Intel, Support.com, the OTA Alliance and former Undersecretary for the NPPD of the Department of Homeland Security, Suzanne Spaulding, led the audience in a sobering romp through the severity of new attacks and the ease with which they can be perpetrated.

Regulation and Enforcement

The need to balance commerce with data privacy, and protection of citizens, both corporate and community, loomed large. Journalist and author Wayne Rash talked with representatives from the U.S.

Department of Justice, the Global Cyber Alliance, the U.S. State Department and the Federal Trade Commission to tease out how far regulation can and should go.

Inside the Mind of a Hacker

You could smell the smoke from this panel as oftentimes, opposing opinions were shared on how thinking like a hacker thinks can better protect organizations. Combining psychosocial and high tech, the panel sought to describe the typical hacker. The one thing they agreed on? The days of the “dark web” have evolved thanks to prolific global technology access and training and the blazing speeds of the Internet. Oren Falkowitz, CEO of Area 1, Lance James of Flashpoint, Eddie Schwartz of WhiteOps and payments expert, Karl Weaver proved they could all put on their hacker caps and present a compelling demonstration. View >>

Training the Next Generation Security Workforce

Protecting your company against future attacks is an ongoing education. Denise Zheng of CSIS, Marian Merritt of the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education, Chris Howard of Kersplody, and Michael Kaiser of NCSA shared their thoughts on how to best cultivate a strong cyber-secure workforce that is constantly retooling and evolving to face the needs. Zheng’s shared her organization’s data on what skills companies are most seeking and what positions the best trained graduates are seeking.

Cybersecurity Starts at the Top

Ultimately, making cybersecurity a priority needs to be a company-wide mission that includes top executives. Amjed Saffarini, CEO of CyberVista, as well as representatives from Deloitte and the National Leadership Institute, underscored the need for not only just a strong message from the executive suite, but also from the boardroom.

The CyberSecurity Forum will return to CES January 9-12, 2018. For information on speaking opportunities as well as sponsorship and exhibit details, email [email protected]