Hosted by CyberVista, a company that trains and credentials cybersecurity professionals

Each year at CES, we see hundreds of new product launches, but how many of them tout security in their list of new features? Unfortunately, not enough.

Now in its second year, the Cybersecurity Forum is designed to ensure all stakeholders in developing high tech solutions understand the complexity and the need for action in the cybersecurity arena. The IoT, connected cars, new payment systems, VR and AR, wearables and our mobile devices all add new levels of concern to protecting our personal and corporate data. In this day-long conference, we’ll tackle the world of cybersecurity that demands we go far beyond the simple passwords and anti-virus protection of yesterday.

Hosted by CyberVista, a company that trains and credentials cybersecurity professionals, and emceed by long time journalist and cybersecurity expert, David Strom, the Cybersecurity Forum will bring together security experts and technology visionaries with executives and policymakers to tackle current and looming cyber security challenges. Registration is limited to ensure a highly interactive experience and opportunities for networking.

In a time when everyone from the DNC to Ashley Madison has been targeted, and new exploits defy the imagination, the Cybersecurity Forum will address how to create a safer, more hygienic data system, and help you evaluate your company’s Cybersecurity IQ. You’ll learn the latest techniques in browser, app, and password protection,  and you’ll get up to speed on authentication and biometrics. Cyber-crimes are costing CEOs their jobs, consumers their identifies, governments their secrets and companies their customers. Cybersecurity is now everybody’s business.

  • Test your Cybersecurity IQ with our experts
  • Find out how to develop a safe, hygienic approach to all of your data
  • Learn how to think like a hacker
  • Learn about emerging technologies and frameworks in the “protection” arena
  • Find out how to respond to real attacks
  • Learn how to train the cybersecurity staff of tomorrow
  • Hear from the global experts, policymakers and practitioners who are on the front lines of the war against cyber-crimes